Introducing Castor – Split and Stream your PC!

Castor is a new app that will allow you to stream from your PC to an Android device using a process known as paravirtualization. This means you can allocate a portion of you PC’s resources to create a virtual machine environment which can then be used for game streaming without disrupting your main PC’s functionality.

UPDATE! Since making the video, Castor has been updated to include Windows, Linux, and Mac clients, meaning you can stream from one PC to the other if you’d like — no need to only use Android devices. Additionally, you can now share the hard drive space with the host PC, so that you won’t need to create a huge Castor PC partition for storage. Links to the updated instructions are below.

To access Castor, check out Black Seraph’s Patreon page:
Written guide with links and updates:

Note that after making this video I figured out that touchscreen works fine, I was just using it incorrectly. The screen acts like a trackpad, so you slide your finger across it to move the mouse, and tap on the screen to click the mouse. I was expecting to use it like a touchscreen tablet, hence my confusion.

00:00 introduction
02:24 setup guide
07:43 testing out functionality and gameplay
09:41 resource monitoring and other use cases
12:02 summary and conclusion

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