Garry’s Mod Easter Eggs And Secrets #21 (New Season)

Biggest undscovered secrets and Easter Eggs in GMOD (Garry’s Mod) workshop maps on Steam. New season, new maps, new secrets! You can’t miss that!

Music: Unreal OST

The List:

01. Mannequin’s Hideout (Out of Bounds)
02. G Man Watching
03. QR Code
04. Poster

05. Dark Corridors
06. Top Secret Room
07. Cats And Kittens
08. Book And Radio

09. Gaming Room
10. Super Fart
11. Cat Gun

12. Hidden Pantry
13. Digging Up A Grave
14. Secret Background Music

Cultist Outpost
15. Old Matress

16. Neurotoxic Trap
17. You Are A Gamer
18. Memes

Thank you for watching! Stay tuned for more Easter Eggs and secrets in Gmod maps!

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