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I am 5P!R!7 #UN73R, Member of Bangladesh Black Hat Hackers team.I hack your website to spread my message to the general people of your country.The message is about the boarder killing of INDIAN SHAMELESS BSF.Every Year, they have already killed thousands of BANGLADESHI at the area of the boarder (BANGLADESH-INDIA) without any reason.This is my personal protest against the inhuman brutal torture and extra judicial killing by Indian BSF (Border Security Force) of Bangladeshi citizens in India-Bangladesh border.

1. Over the past 10 years India's Border Security Force (BSF) killed more than 1,010 innocent Bangladeshi citizens.

2. Statistics shows Indias BSF kill one Bangladeshi citizen in every four days. They have turned the border area into a killing field. 203 people lost their lives in BSF firing near the border between 2009 and 2011.

3. More than thousand Bangladeshi citizens have been tortured by Indias BSF since 2001. The statistics are- Tortured- 1007, Abducted- 974, Missing from border area- 107, Raped- 14, Snatched or looted- 71, Pushed in Bangladesh illegally- 313. The grand total Human rights violation in Bangladesh-India Border Area (2001-2011) - 3509

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